Gourmet Salty & Sweet Trio

⚜️ This Gift Set delivers the classic pairing of salty & sweet in the most elegant of ways. 

Each sparkling glass vial contains a respectable 1.7 oz. Sel de Lavande/ Lavender Salt, 1.5 oz. Sucre Vanillé Luxe/ Deluxe Vanilla Sugar and 1.2 ounces of Sucre Vanillé Lavande/Lavender Vanilla Sugar.

The finest quality organic & fair trade evaporated cane juice, gorgeous Pink Himalayan sea salt, Organic French Lavender Flowers & sustainably harvested Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans are used in alchemizing these Treasures.

You have just found the perfect, artisanal gift for the foodie or gourmand in your life! ⚜️