Mint Cocoa/ Cacao Menthe Grande 16oz.

Upon first sip; eyes widen, words have disappeared. Sophisticated layers of cooling peppermint reveal themselves first, then lead your tastebuds to an understory of pure, rich chocolate, and another whoosh of mint passes through.                                         One word finds its way out, "Incredible!". It is the only word needed to describe the experience of this very special Cacao Menthe.                                                     Dramatic? Perhaps.                                                                                              Inaccurate? Not even slightly.

The high frequency of fairly traded cocoa & sugar give this instant hot chocolate blend it's honorable beginning. A carefully curated melange of the finest organic peppermint oils complete the alchemy (think a magical liquid version of the Andes After-Dinner Mint) that needs to be experienced by ALL lovers of this classic pairing.
Are you ready to experience Incredible?

Preparation: Only hot water is necessary for it to transform into a rich, delicious, perennial favorite beverage. Each 16 oz jar contains enough mix to enjoy 16 cups  (following the recommended serving size of 6 oz.) or 13-14 cups of ultra-riche style. If you prefer a drinking-chocolate type experience, keep adding cocoa until it reaches the consistency you prefer.

To dress up your cup to the nines, use a milk frother to blend, toss in a few marshmallows, perhaps a shot of espresso, brandy or your favorite liqueur & top with freshly whipped creme. You may never recover from your state of Cocoafied Bliss!


Ingredients: **Evaporated Cane juice, *non-fat dry milk powder, **cocoa powder processed with alkali, *guar gum, *carob bean gum, sea salt, *vanilla powder (*vanilla extract, *maltodexterine, *guar gum), *Peppermint Oil

* = Organic    ** =  Fair Trade