Lavender Cocoa/Cacao Lavande - Demi 10oz.

After taking one long, luxurious sip, the blissed-out woman in front of me smiled and said, "It's like... drinking a warm hug." Now what could be better than that? This rich & elegant blend of Organic, Fair Trade Cocoa, complemented by the perfect pairing with calming French Lavender flowers, creates a taste experience which is... well, like drinking a warm hug.

Preparation: This is an instant Hot Cocoa mix, only hot water is necessary for it to transform into a rich, delicious, perennial favorite beverage. Each 10 oz jar contains enough mix to enjoy 10 cups ( following the recommended serving size of 6 oz.) or 8-9 cups of ultra-riche style. If you prefer a drinking-chocolate type experience, keep adding cocoa until it reaches the consistency you prefer.

To dress up your cup to the nines, use a milk frother to blend, toss in a few marshmallows, perhaps a shot of espresso, brandy or your favorite liqueur & top with freshly whipped creme. You may never recover from your state of Cocoafied Bliss!

  Ingredients: **Evaporated Cane juice, *non-fat dry milk powder, **cocoa powder processed with alkali, *guar gum, *carob bean gum, sea salt, *vanilla powder (*vanilla extract, *maltodexterine, *guar gum), *Lavender Flowers
* = Organic    ** =  Fair Trade