Lavender Aromatherapy TouchStick- 10ml.

💜 Do you long for a little calming & relaxation? Say hello to your new best friend; the Lavender Aromatherapy TouchStick. The benefits of Aromatherapy are widely touted & Lavender is one of its biggest stars! Keep one of these elegant roll-ons in the car to take the edge off your hectic commute, one in your bag to stay calm during that important meeting, one by the bedside to help relax & prepare you for the sweetest of dreams. A couple swipes on the pulse points, temples & a tap under the nose works wonders! And, your new best friend can also double as a luxe, nourishing cuticle oil 💜

This TouchStick comes in a cobalt blue glass bottle and uses a high quality, exceptionally smooth & silky feeling stainless steel roller ball.

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